About Us

Nowadays Labra Tech is an enterprise which works in controllers and led lighting solutions. Since 2006, we devoted in remote control designing, developing and manufacturing. Now we have been developer and manufacturer of IR, RF (2.4G, 512Mhz, 433Mhz ) controllers. We have high RD human power, developing system and excellent management process like ISO 9001 and ERP for clients’ satisfaction in any specification, needs and after sold service, more than 50 kinds plastic tooling, welcome for asking solutions on controlling. 
From 2009, we are expending our business to LED lighting and offer lighting solutions to clients, and in 2010 we built factory to do OEM orders. LED lighting attractive us is her huge energy saving, environment friend and deformability. With the led source refreshing, it has more and brighter light, a 10w led tube can be equal to a 25W fluorescent tube. It saves near 45%-50% electricity. We strongly believe led lighting will take you and me into a bright future.